Three latest pairs


At last, a batch of three pairs of gloves, knitted for three of my very good friends. They chose the colours and I really like the way that these sit together. Perhaps it’s because all the yarns are vintage 3ply wools. Each one of them has a small amount of a third or even fourth colour. Two ounces (28grms) is just not quite enough for one pair, usually one finger needs a third colour. All the patterns are those found in Yorkshire gloves, that is, those knitted in Dent, probably by Mary Allen.

The 21st pair


The cast on and the first round of knitting in 3k 1p rib for (I think) my 21st pair. It depends a bit how you count them.
I am full of resolve that I will knit these faster than the last pair, partly because the colours are such a good contrast.
The cast on is a new one for me as I have done the Mary Allen (which is a twisted German one in two colours) but alternating the stitch colours.
I’m enthusiastic about blogging as I’ve met someone who reads my blog. Thank you. Must get back to knitting.

Trunk show

Yesterday I went with Barbara to Scarborough with the KCG trunk show. We showed it as part of the Westcliffe gansey knitting holiday. I can’t put in any links as I’m on my mobile. I might be able to add a pic or two but I’ve not had a properly working camera for some months now. It’s fine to use the phone for holidays but not so good for the collection or my gloves.


Some of the tools and gadgets we showed


60s patterns

Gansey symposium

At the weekend I went to the gansey symposium held at Sheringham museum. It was wonderful. The exhibition has about 30 garments mostly displayed in the lifeboats which are the permanent show there. They looked fabulous, on simple supports in the boats and not behind glass although there were a few in a case that were particularly fine. Many were navy or dark blue but many of the Moray Firth ones varied, fawn, lovat and light blue all being found.
There were four speakers, all on a different aspect but each one very interesting.
An added bonus was the chance to meet other knitting enthusiasts. Eating seaside fish and chips while discussing knitting must go down as one of life’s finest pleasures.



Another pair finished

I have finished the pair that I started in about June … the pink and orange pair. I don’t have a photo of them with me and I’m not at home to take one but I thought that I would like to announce their completion.

Up until about half way through the year I was knitting a pair a month but I’m behind that now, partly because I don’t know what to do next. I do have a couple of pairs that need to be finished – the other one to the Rowan Fine Lace grey and navy pair, and a Sanquhar Duke pattern one that I am trying to knit to the Patons and Baldwin’s pattern.

I’ve got other projects that I would like to make or complete  – a sleeveless slipover that I am knitting in black fleck wool and some denim cotton that I would like to knit up into another sleeveless top. There’s also a large basket full of hand spun wools that I plan to crochet into a blanket or throw, but that needs some planning.

Above little fingers



I had knitted gloves for years but it wasn’t until I looked in Anne Budd’s multiple patterns book (can’t remember exact name) that I saw a glove pattern with the little finger placed lower than the other fingers. This had never seemed necessary as I have great faith in the stretching and fitting properties of knitted fabric. When I started knitting for friends though and getting them to draw round their hands for size, I realised that most people do have a difference. I am at that stage with this pair as shown in the pics. These are taken in the Spanish Pyrenees where the sun is shining but it’s COLD :(