In California

I’m in Lafayette, California, visiting my step daughter. A visit to the LYS was in order this morning where they had copies of Knitting Traditions with my pattern and article in. So I signed the remaining copies and am going back next week with my gloves – I brought them with me – to have my photo taken for their Facebook page.

This is the link to the shop, The Yarn Boutique

Progress on latest gloves

The pair in progress for my friend JPA are coming on nicely. The green and white look very striking and I’m knitting them on 2mm needles so they are slightly smaller than usual. The outline round her hands is small and her little finger starts really low so there’s not much knitting round the hand above the thumb.

I’ve started the little finger on one hand and I’m using magic loop with an 80 cm circular, trying out one of the economy range from Knit pro at Purl City Yarns, Manchester.










Number Knitting

I need some straightforward knitting for the trip to California – we go next Thursday and gloves are good because they are small but bad ‘cos they’re complicated. I’ve had a skein of hand dyed Botany wool for over a year now and it’s the right colours to go with my storm jacket so I’m making a scarf.

Number Knitting is a book that I’ve had for years and I’ve tried some things from it but it really does deserve to be explored more fully. There was an article about it in Piecework (I think) last year. It’s by Virginia Woods Bellamy and was written in the 1950s.

This is the sample piece so far. It’s based on 30 sts but I think I’ll up it to 60 for the real thing.


My sample piece and Number Knitting the book

My sample piece and Number Knitting the book

My gloves in Knitting Traditions

Excitement! Last Autumn I was invited to contribute to Knitting Traditions the American magazine, with an article and a design and pattern for Sanquhar gloves. Yesterday I got my copy of the magazine in the post and my gloves back. They had to be sent via Fed Ex to Loveland Colorado where the Knitting Traditions (and Interweave Press) office are to be photographed and have the pattern checked. So I can show you photos now and if you like you can have a look at the link to the magazine.

This is the link to the magazine

And these are the gloves:


My Knitting Traditions gloves

My Knitting Traditions gloves

These are knitted in Regia 3 ply yarn. There’s only seven colours to choose from but I like the two tone blue. The pattern on the palms is the Prince of Wales check which is really easy to knit. But I have to admit that writing the pattern was much harder than I had anticipated – even though I’ve designed plenty of knitwear I’ve never had to write a pattern before. And now I’ve knitted so many pairs of gloves there’s all sorts of little things I do that are impossible to write in a pattern.

Magic loop – I was wrong!

I’d always steered clear of magic loop for using circular needles and it wasn’t until I saw someone doing it properly that I realised I had been doing it wrong when I’d tried it.

So I’ve been using it with only one circular for the fingers of the last pair I finished and also started a new pair using it.

I was puzzled that people like EZ and Meg Swansen used it when I thought that it stretched the stitches out too much. It does if it’s not done correctly.

The only downside is that I now need longer circulars for there to be enough room for the ‘magic loop’. I have ordered a couple from Purl City Yarns in Manchester – the new budget Knit pros, aluminium¬†on special offer.