News round up for May 2017

Someone asked me if I have a newsletter and I thought no I don’t but perhaps I could try having one. At least that way I might post more regularly.

So, I had an article published in Vogue Knitting, about Sanquhar gloves. I felt extremely honoured to be invited to do this and very much enjoyed doing it, especially going to visit Sanquhar again, staying at the Blackaddie and meeting fellow glove knitter, May McCormick.

Here’s the cover and the first page of the piece:


I’ve restarted knitting gloves for friends and so I’ve been sampling and designing for my friends Nick and Jenny.  Nick is a musician and he chose the vintage Sanquhar colours of brown and yellow. These are the cuffs so far:

I have also opened a glove knitting Instagram account where you can find me as Angharadt. The pics are the same as what’s here though.

My work got retuned from the Make exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre after a lot of kerfuffle with the post office or Royal Mail. It turned out they were just trying to be helpful but t seemed as though the parcel had gone astray for a few hours.

Finally, I write this from Latvia where I am attending a mitten knitting retreat. It is the last evening of a packed week in which we have seen other places than Riga, being based inThe southern city of Liepaja. We have seen more mittens than I would have thought possible and met more knitters ditto. I have tried techniques I’ve not even heard of and been to places I didn’t know existed. I’ll leave you with a picture of the Russian Orthodox cathedral here, the nearest I’m likely to get to the Kremlin.

I am part of an afternoon of talks

I’ll be at Ruthin Craft Centre tomorrow afternoon as part of their afternoon looking at ‘The Nature of Craft’. Also speaking are Edmond Byrne, glass and Sebastian Cox, furniture.

This is the link to the Ruthin web site which includes an image of my gloves: (in Welsh) (in English)

The previous talk I was planning, in London a fortnight ago, was cancelled, or actually, postponed. It will be rescheduled for June I hope.

I’m giving a talk!

Just thought I’d let you all know that I’ll be giving a talk in London on Saturday 18th March 2017 at 1pm. It’s a Central London Branch Meeting of the Knitting & Crochet Guild with speaker Angharad Thomas (that’s me!)
AAT, 4th Floor, 140 Aldersgate St, London EC1A 4HY

The title of the talk is Gloves: History, designing and making and I’ll show examples of my own and some made by others too – historic and from other countries.

Contact me via this blog or if you are a KCG member you can contact Tricia Basham to book a ticket – £5 members and £10 non-members.

After I gave an introductory talk for my glove exhibition people were very complimentary – so it is highly recommended! (That’s enough self promotion, Ed.)

Exhibition ends soon

Happy New Year!

My exhibition at the Bankfield Museum ends this Saturday, 14th January. It’s open all week from tomorrow to Saturday 10 am – 4 pm so I do hope that you can get there to have a look if you haven’t been already. There’s lots of other interesting exhibitions on there too.

Here’s some pictures if you can’t get there:



p1010546p1010548 p1010550  p1010549

p1010551 p1010562 p1010561 p1010557

Estonian Craft Camp 2016

It’s day three already and I’m torn between feeling as though I’ve been here forever and thinking that it’s half over.

So far I’ve taken a class on constructing the fringes for wedding gloves which is an Estonian custom and done embroidery in the Mugli style.

These are the materials for the fringed glove workshop; note the double pointed pins are 1.25mm in size. The teacher was my glove knitting heroine, Kristi Joeste, who wrote a lovely book called Ornamented  Journey.

This is my first sample of three:

There is a film this evening so I hope to add more tomorrow. 


Dear Reader of this blog,

First of all a big Thank You for reading!

Secondly, since I changed the theme, the comment box has disappeared from the bottom of each post. However, it is still possible to comment using the speech button that is at the top right of the screen.

(At least I think that’s how you do it!)

It would be good if some of you out there could let me know if this works. I really like getting comments (and likes) – it’s an important part of blogging I think.

Thanks again.



More crochet

I’m at my daughter’s house and this smallish blanket is on the sofa. I made it perhaps 10 years ago and it’s rather interesting. The design references old pieced quilts such as those made by the Amish and the Welsh, with the five panel centre. Colour is limited and the fibres are natural all hallmarks of these textiles. It’s all wool, mostly aran weight with a variety of hand spun and commercial spun used in the borders. The yarns are indigo dyed, by me and include some greys and dark grey natural wools. These take indigo or other colours beautifully.
The central panels are machine knitted on my chunky machine and were then joined, a further section knitted and then the crochet border worked round. The corners are mitred and the edge finished with a line of crab stitch, one of my favourite ways of ending crochet.






Here are some images, one of which is duplicated and won’t go away!