Hil’s gloves

Gloves for my friend Hil

The finished gloves

The finished gloves


Only the thumbs to go on the latest pair.

Here they are, looking good I think, even though a bit of tidying up will be needed at the base of the fingers.

Only the thumbs to go!

An image I should have put up sooner – up to the fingers on both with the stitches on the little finger of the right hand. Note the dpns, although I think I changed to circulars soon after this.


17 February 2013


The green and white gloves are coming on nicely although I’m about a week later than I had planned …. but I had allowed some leeway so that’s just as well. I’m up to the thumbs on both and ready to go.

Here they are:


P1050673Above, the backs and below, the palms in seed pattern

The cuffs showing the initials and date The cuffs showing the initials and date (A few days ago)


So here I go in green and white – I was delaying casting on as the number of stitches in the rib is dependent on the patterns further up the hand – in fact, on the number of stitches in the fingers mainly… and as I hadn’t decided what patterns to use but playing with ideas of the snow piled up against the walls as in the pics on the last post.

So I decided I had to get on with them as I’m well behind my aim  – I should have had the set of three pairs done by now. I did a German twisted cast on, had to look on YouTube, and a single two colour rib which is almost finished.

Design workDesign work




Cast on and first rounds

The cast ons and first rounds. Colour is true.

New design ideas

In DesignKnitting on February 8, 2013 at 7:46 pm

I am preparing to start the next pair, the last in this group of three. The colours have to include navy, green and white and I was planning to add red for a pair for a friend with an interest in Africa. He had also given his colours as red and green when I made him draw around his hand. But today I was out walking in the hills, looking for hares, (didn’t see any) and in countryside with snow and green fields.  So I’ve changed my mind for the moment and I’m going to do a pair in green and white for another friend as a surprise – inspired by the scenery today.



Low snow and green fields in the Pennines

I’ve got lots more news and ideas – just must get on with the current pair – so more perhaps tomorrow.

Three pairs since Christmas

This is the pair above with the two others:

I’ve achieved my aim of knitting three pairs before March 1st (2013). I have also tried to take better photos of them with daylight bulbs and a (very cheap) tripod.

Here are some pics of all three:

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