Knitting Traditions KT gloves

Excitement! Last Autumn I was invited to contribute to Knitting Traditions the American magazine, with an article and a design and pattern for Sanquhar gloves. Yesterday I got my copy of the magazine in the post and my gloves back. They had to be sent via Fed Ex to Loveland Colorado where the Knitting Traditions (and Interweave Press) office are to be photographed and have the pattern checked. So I can show you photos now and if you like you can have a look at the link to the magazine.

This is the link to the magazine

In the autumn of 2013 I researched and designed a pair of Sanquhar gloves for Knitting Traditions magazine in the States. I went to Sanquhar to visit the museum there and also the museum in Dumfries and had a huge adventure. I met Mrs Alison Thomson, who is mentioned in Richard Rutt’s ‘History of Hand Knitting’ and lots of other great people.

And these are the gloves:


My Knitting Traditions gloves

My Knitting Traditions gloves

These are knitted in Regia 3 ply yarn. There’s only seven colours to choose from but I like the two tone blue. The pattern on the palms is the Prince of Wales check which is really easy to knit. But I have to admit that writing the pattern was much harder than I had anticipated – even though I’ve designed plenty of knitwear I’ve never had to write a pattern before. And now I’ve knitted so many pairs of gloves there’s all sorts of little things I do that are impossible to write in a pattern.

An earlier post: Finally getting on with the latest pair:

Rib in 3 and 2 dark and light blue

Rib in 3 and 2 dark and light blue


I’m starting a new pair. They are in Regia 3 ply, in dark blue and light blue. I tried them out on a little piece just to test the colours together. There is such a limited range in this yarn although it is good to knit with and hard wearing. They are for an article and pattern in a magazine (can’t say who just now!).


A sample the size of a finger

A sample the size of a finger

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