October newsletter (really what I did in September)

I’ve been travelling again during September and October and not getting half as much knitting done as I’d planned (that’s a surprise).

So the month, September, went like this:

The first week I spent in France and Spain, travelling by train from home, Eurostar to Paris and then daytime TGV to Toulouse. I was certain that this would allow hours of knitting time.

However, I was wrong.

We, that is me and partner, had to get up so early for the first Eurostar that once on it, I slept soundly most of the way, waking up just outside Paris thinking we were in Lille. So no knitting done between London and Paris.

Getting across Paris from the Gare du Nord to the Gare Montparnasse also proved to be hard work as was queuing for almost an hour on the train at the buffet. It made what we used to call British Rail look absolutely perfect! So not so many undivided hours left there either.

And then I always expect holidays to have endless hours for knitting, preferably sitting in the sun, but somehow, after walks and drinks and meals and talking there’s not that much time left over, especially for stuff that needs attention like two colour gloves. But at least they had their photos taken – here they are, in various stages of completion in the Spanish sun at Bordes de Graus:


You can read more of what Meghann is doing here: https://meghannobrien.com/

I was fortunate to be timetabled to present my paper on the first day which is always a relief. Here I am waving a pair of Sanquhar gloves around.



I had the chance to have a little look around Vancouver which I liked very much. Here’s a little taster: some interiors of a church and a fabulous Art Deco building, views of the harbour, and the hotel where the conference was held, the Sheraton (very posh!).


The final keynote speech was by Charlotte Kwon about her business importing crafts from India, Maiwa. It was absolutely fascinating to hear how she and her team have done this over the last 30 years. Have a look at the web site to see what they have produced in India and how they support the artisans they buy from. It’s inspirational.

The next part of the trip was to California for a family visit and this we (me and partner, Gordon) did this by bus and train. Bus from Vancouver to Seattle, and then sleeper train from Seattle to Oakland, California.

We had a sleeper roomette, as Gordon said, more ‘ette’ than ‘room’ and some great views during the 24 hours on the train. Here’s some of them, urban and rural starting at the very grand station in Seattle and ending with our arrival at Oakland:


So that’s all for now. California happened in October mostly and includes a couple of great wool shops so look out for the next newsletter.

I hope you’ve read this far – if so, thank you!

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