September newsletter

I think this is a case of better late than never – I nearly didn’t bother because it’s so late in the month.

However, I have been busy knitting, trying to complete the four pairs of gloves I’ve called the Nature Series.

During August I also walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks, visited Wales, went to London and got ready to go to the Pyrenees.

I’m now preparing to go to Vancouver, Canada for the Textile Society of America biannual symposium, for which I have had a paper accepted. It’s about knitted gloves, specifically those knitted in Sanquhar.

I’m going to put in some pictures of all these things and hope to write more for next month.

Here’s the seashore gloves for Rachel: one of them is now complete:

and here’s just a finger on John’s pair: I don’t have a name for this pair but I do like them.


And here’s a thumb being knitted while on the TGV on the way back from the Pyrenees: all the fingers need to be altered as they’ve worked out too small for the would be owner 😦

And so that’s all for now. I do post occasionally on Facebook, more personal things, and on Instagram for knitting things.

6 thoughts on “September newsletter

      • A great record indeed!

        I have two pairs started on those pesky slow 1.25mm needles but it seems (almost) my whole life since April has been taken up with new puppy care and ummm she loves soft things so it is hard to knit around her! She’s Just been spayed so the challenge for one more week is to keep her from jumping up etc – it is almost as if she never had the surgery, which is good I guess! Anyway, you combine the academic with the “craft” so it is always enlightening to see what you are up to. I have fabric set aside for an”Estonian” project bag, too …. 😊

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      • I love hearing about your puppy via Instagram! And I made a lovely Estonian project bag at Craft Camp a year or so ago – I gave it to my daughter to use as I keep my knitting in clear zip lock bags (re-used many times BTW)!


      • I’m trying to get away from all those plastic bags sigh but still end up storing ALL my yarn in them. I have a deep fear of bugs/moths, even though I’ve never experienced them thankfully! I also stuff half bars of that stinky US brand Irish Spring soap into tubs and such – mental relief if nothing else haha


  1. I also read all your newsletters , so please, don’t stop. I enjoy them very much!!!

    You have inspired me to make myself a pair of gloves for this winter. I am not outside a lot where I need nice hand coverings and when I’m out with the chickens I use cheap, store-bought gloves. I think it is time I changed that. I need to go through your archives to see what info I can glean before I give it a try. But first I must finish my daughter’s sweater. One thing at a time. (ha! if only that were true..)


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