John’s gloves

28 January 2015

I’m up to the fingers on the current pair, one of the set for friends who live in Wales. The patterns are organised in horizontal bands, not vertical ones, as usual and this is proving a different design problem. On the one hand (no play on words intended) this is easier as plain rounds can be worked and stitch numbers altered but on the other, it’s more difficult to make design decisions as I’ve not done any like this before.
Here they are:


Menig coedwig (Woodland gloves)

Menig coedwig (woodland gloves)

Menig coedwig (woodland gloves)


Thumb detail

The thumb is asymmetric as this seemed most appropriate for the shape of my friend’s hand.
This image, from the cover of a book in Welsh about influences on women writers, is a textile by Amanda Wright whose studio is in St David’s, where I go on holiday and near where the inspirational images for these gloves were taken. I can’t remember how I came across it, but I just love the glove and the patterns on it, and all the other images too.
Book cover with Amanda Wright's textile

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