Clare’s gloves

Finished and pressed

22nd January 2013

Here they are having been pressed. I’m now wondering if they should be washed and I think I will do that. There are areas of unevenness that haven’t come out with pressing.

The finished gloves - presses
The finished gloves – pressed
And the other side
And the other side

On the other hand, no pun intended, I have chosen to make these with smooth yarns and I think if I tried a Shetland yarn like J and S 2 ply they would look more even as the yarn has a bit of fuzz on it which would cover these irregularities.

But on to the next pair, for daughter in law. A surprise, I don’t think she reads this blog!



19th January 2013

These are really finished! I have darned in the ends and taken a pic but they still need a press and perhaps a wash…. but I really like them apart from a couple of bits where I pick up the fingers and where I end the fingers. But never mind, the colours are good and the yarn is good and I think that they will fit well.

Finished gloves, back of hands
Finished gloves, back of hands
Finished gloves, palms
Finished gloves, palms

BUT, I have been looking at the Phalangee mittens, as knitted by Barbara, and I have tried this finish on some machine knitted mitts that I was experimenting with before Xmas. I think it will give me a better finish than the usual casting on and picking up between the fingers. The  technique is from a pattern in Knitty in which the designer has thought up a new (is anything new??) way to make the finger divisions on a pair of fingerless mitts. It is very ingenious and I wish that I had thought of it!

I need to take a picture of my trial piece but that might have to wait until the morning.

By the way, I was planning to be at a barn dance tonight but the weather has meant that it has been cancelled  – we have snow here in Yorkshire.

Now to the next pair! Cream and navy, mixed patterns for DIL.

15th January 2013

As much as I can do in a week

I had planned to knit the next batch of gloves, three pairs, allowing a week each. This is as much as I have done in the week on the first pair:


A week’s work

So only the fingers and thumbs to go! So ten days might be a more realistic length of time to allow. Making time to knit, which has to be quiet, even if I don’t have to concentrate massively, like on the initials or date, it’s not usually long before something comes up – dividing for the thumb, or such like.

Still, I am really pleased with them, well, quite pleased, I am controlling the yarn tension better and although there’s some irregularities, they are the mark of the hand, not horrible mistakes – I think!

The wools are lovely – they have a fatness to them which fills out the stitches and the green has a noticable twist in it which adds a texture to the work.

8 January 2013

I started a pair for a friend as she really needed some good gloves when we were out in the Lake District, actually Ennerdale. I want to knit them in a week. I started yesterday and I’ve done both cuffs so tomorrow is initials and date.






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