Alternate fingers

 These are the finished gloves.

Finished gloves

Finished gloves

This is as far as I’ve got, well this is the latest photo although I think I might have done a bit more since then – they are parked for the moment – but they will be finished. I’ve left the top of each finger unfinished on safety pins so that I can sit down and do all of them at once to get a uniform effect. don’t know if that’s a good idea as it makes the work very scruffy.

Knitting the fingers

Knitting the fingers

The newest pair on the needles is a variation on the last pair. The panels of vertical stripes and alternate stitches (seeding?) will alternate around the glove.

The new gloves up to the thumbs

The two colour cast ons

Both gloves cast on in two colours

I have finally started a new pair of gloves after much trial and error with casting on. I wanted an alternating colour cast on so I went to Youtube and tried a two colour  cast on which I didn’t like and then an Italian cast on which also seemed a fiddle and rather messy. I then managed to make up a two colour cast on which I think is ok so I’ve started another pair on the dark grey and cream theme. This time I’m going to alternate the panels of vertical lines and alternating stitches.

I tried out the cast ons using 4mm needles and some black and white double knitting yarn which made life a lot easier than doing it with the 3ply and 2.25 circular needles.

Several attempts at two colour cast ons

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