Gloves for Trish

2 May 2014

The finished gloves


For a good friend. Pleased with these, hope she
will be.


These just need the ends darned in and a press. I really like these although they have two fingers in a third colour. I have decided this is a design feature so I’m hoping that the recipient thinks so too.

16 March 2014

Out of yarn


I knew that the second colour, the pinky mauve was going to be tight but I thought I’d get more out of it than I have done. I’ve still got two fingers to do on each hand but I have got some similar colour yarn from Marion Foale which I’m hoping will look ok.

I get very confused about how much yarn I should use and buy as ideally I wouldn’t buy any at all as I have a sack full of vintage 3 ply, Regia 3 ply and Marion Foale 3 ply, most of it pure wool. But I don’t always have the colours I want and in the quantities I want them which means I end up buying …

I’m also very torn about breaking the two colour rule although if it ‘s because I’m out of yarn then that seems ok. I decided that I didn’t like the Sir Gar gloves that used lots of colours – using only two colours is a real discipline.

10 March 2014

Progress on latest pair


Actually I’m up to the little fingers now as I was able to do some knitting in the car after the walk yesterday.

5 March 2014

Great progress

I’ve set myself a schedule for these gloves – I want to knit three pairs before I go away in April … so I need to keep going. I’m supposed to be half way up both thumbs today and I’m not far off. I’m also keeping a fairly accurate log of the time these are taking. What is surprising me is the time it takes to plan out the charts and to set the patterns. I was a stitch out on the second pair this afternoon and it must have taken half an hour to sort it, hence the nasty plastic stitch markers in the photo below. I prefer to use thread but hard markers can be useful now and again. These have a small sharp bit on the top that needs to be sanded off with an emery board or it catches on the wool.

The pattern emerging

The pattern emerging

I did a quiz earlier to find out what kind of yarn I would be – I’m Rowan Big Wool! It’s on line at Love knitting and was posted in the Knitting and Crochet Guild Facebook page.


The ribs and initials and dates on a pair for a friend. Marion Foale 3 ply and vintage 3 ply, both pure wool. Patterns are from Yorkshire gloves.

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