Herringbone gloves, second pair

11 September 2012 – 3 January 2013

Second pair

I started a second pair for my daughter but the wool ran out at the top of the hand – not enough for fingers. So it was good progress, but they are now parked waiting to be made into fingerless mittens, using the figure of eight top.




The first 16 rows of pattern on both gloves. The pattern is much easier to knit the second time and I have been able to knit while with other people, which is a big improvement. The thumb shaping has to be marked on the chart as it’s every third row without an increase. The slight difference in the thicknesses of the yarns gives a bit of texture to the fabric too. I’m also pleased with the braided edging and the way it is lying flat.


The cast ons for both herringbone gloves with braided trims

The cast ons for both herringbone gloves with braided trims

4 thoughts on “Herringbone gloves, second pair

  1. I love the fact that they are 4 ply rather than 3 ply. The pattern looks possible even from the Japanese. The diagram really helps. I’ve been trying to knit the Duke pattern gloves from the SRWI pattern but haven’t yet come to terms with the idea of such small needles and 91 stitches. Maybe these will be the gloves for me.


  2. I don’t know how I arrived at this site but I just LOVE the herringbone gloves….Have you thought about selling them? Name your price. Where did you get the pattern? Did you really make it up yourself? Vickyx


    • The herringbone pattern is a Japanese one – it is all done with charts but they are quite clear to follow. I would hate to knit them for cash although I think there’s someone who does Sanquhar ones on Etsy.



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