Geof’s gloves

Actually, over the last few weeks I have been knitting like mad – two pairs of gloves and a huge pair of mittens – but they are for a magazine so I’m not able to share them, or at least not just yet. So I better stop there; I was about to say what they are like and so on, but that will have to be a surprise. Suffice it to say I have been out of my comfort zone.

So this evening, coming home after spending the day sorting out several boxes of Fair Isle garments at the KCG collection, I went and found my work in progress, the brown and blue gloves for my friend Geof. I had started a finger taking the pattern round and round, but for some reason, that may have something to do with quantum mechanics, the pattern won’t repeat properly. I think it’s due to the ‘jog’ that happens in circular knitting. Anyway, coming back to it after a few weeks I thought it looked a mess and unpicked it. I didn’t even take a photo. I had been planning to take the pattern all round each finger, but I’ve now re-designed so that part of the finger is the same as the palm and part the same as the back of the hand.

Because the pattern does not go all the way round the finger the problem with the ‘jog’ is eliminated.


Back of the hand facing

Palm of the hand facing

Look at the colour difference in the two images – I have trouble with the camera on my phone but it is so handy – just not always accurate or consistent.

20 October 2014

I’m up to the little finger on my latest pair, for my friend Geof. I thought that I’d posted about these, but obviously after the making a mistake post I must have lost my umph for writing about them. I really like them as the contrast is strong and the patterns likewise. They are an attempt to capture some aspects of what my friend does and who he is, if that’s not too high falutin. Well it is, but I don’t care, because those are some of the factors that have driven the design process. I have sketchbook pages to prove it!

The left and right hands are in opposite colours, an idea I first saw on Click’n’knit’s blog: but as the two colours are slightly different in weight, I’ve had to change the swapping around or the difference in size would have been too apparent. You can see that the cuff with the pale blue as the main colour is larger than the brown dominated one. So then the blue becomes the main colour above the brown to try to balance it out.

Here they are so far.



And here’s the cuffs:






And he



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