Gloves for The Knitter magazine

Last Autumn I wrote and article and designed a pair of gloves for The Knitter magazine.

Here are some pictures:


Part way through knitting the glovesP1000306

Designing the pattern from images on screen

P1000304Some design ideas at an early stage

3 thoughts on “Gloves for The Knitter magazine

  1. Re Stitchwort, is there ANYwhere I can buy a pattern for these gloves? Ravelry list it but do not sell it. The knitter has no back copies and I couldn’t find it on their online system. I like the Dentdale gloves in this month’s knitter but not as much! Do hope you can help. Thank you.


  2. I’m sorry if I’m sending this twice – the first one disappeared before I could finish it. Re your glove pattern Stitchwort, from the Knitter Issue 82, I am trying to find a copy of the pattern. I am happy to buy it as I like the design very much. Tried Ravelry, who list it but don’t sell it. The Knitter have no more back copies and their online patterns have no search facility – couldn’t find it anywhere. Hope you can help.I’m on Ravelry, as DianeinBrigstock. Best wishes, Diane.


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