More crochet

I’m at my daughter’s house and this smallish blanket is on the sofa. I made it perhaps 10 years ago and it’s rather interesting. The design references old pieced quilts such as those made by the Amish and the Welsh, with the five panel centre. Colour is limited and the fibres are natural all hallmarks of these textiles. It’s all wool, mostly aran weight with a variety of hand spun and commercial spun used in the borders. The yarns are indigo dyed, by me and include some greys and dark grey natural wools. These take indigo or other colours beautifully.
The central panels are machine knitted on my chunky machine and were then joined, a further section knitted and then the crochet border worked round. The corners are mitred and the edge finished with a line of crab stitch, one of my favourite ways of ending crochet.






Here are some images, one of which is duplicated and won’t go away!


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