Jan’s gloves

This pair has been on the go since the spring, but they are finally finished. The friend they are made for tried them on a week or so ago and they fit perfectly so I was very pleased as all I go on is the outline of their hand that they give me. Sometimes I ask for their measurement around the hand too, but I’m not sure that is essential. This is knitting after all, which is inherently flexible.

I think that these might be my most favourite pair of all – it took me a long time to settle on the colours which are just right for the atmosphere I had in mind. The grey is Regia 3 ply sock wool and the fawn is a vintage yarn from the KCG eBay shop when suplus from the collection was being sold for Guild funds.

In these images they have hardly been blocked or pressed at all as I want to keep the slight texture of the pattern. I also did not have to mend the base of the fingers or thumb at all, which I usually do, to close any small holes left after picking up and casting on for the fingers. I must be getting better at doing this!

I took photos on the usual light wood background but them tried a dark wood which I think makes them look better.

This is the third pair I have knitted this year, not including the Bonham mitts, which were fingerless and much less of a proposition. I am planning to knit three pairs for friends in the autumn, before Xmas. So, I’ve said it, so I’ve got to do it!


Here they are. As you can see, I decided to put the date and initials on the palms of this pair, as the pair that Bonham’s auctioned about a year ago. You can see them here:

PalmsPalmside up

The backs

The backs, above and below on a dark background





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