Estonia wristlet finished


The first of the Estonian craft camp projects is finished although I think it is destined to be a singleton. It needs a hot press which I can’t do as I’m at our caravan and we don’t have an iron, caravanning not tending to need the sort of clothes that need ironing.
This was hard to knit with 1.5mm dpns in a set of five and quite dense wool. But I learnt some new techniques and I might use these in future designs.


7 thoughts on “Estonia wristlet finished

  1. That is lovely, well worth the effort! As a child in London I can remember wearing hand knitted gauntlet gloves, very plain navy wool, but they prevented the wind getting up your sleeves. I presume these wristlets would do the same job.
    Were all the craft classes conducted in English?


    • I have been thinking about designing and knitting some gauntlet gloves… I think they would be quite striking and warm. Yes all the classes were in English which was perfect for me, as I don’t have any Northern European languages!


  2. Very good to see the fruit of your labours. I too have a singleton wristwarmer, as I ran out of beads and the shop had also run out, permanently. However, I wear it as a bracelet. Black with gold beads, it goes well with almost anything on many occasions. And yours is quite striking–not to be hidden away, I hope. And as you say, a source of new techniques for other projects. Splendid!


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