More on Estonian Craft Camp

Well, after the first two days we had a day out. I had chosen to go to Parnu, a town on the Baltic coast. It was about an hour or so on a coach through quiet roads and lovely agricultural countryside. We were taken round the local museum and then went to look at crafts in the local shops. The weather was windy and not too warm so I headed off to the beach as I hadn’t seen the Baltic. Also, the museum had pictures of the beaches from the days when Parnu was a resort used by the Soviet authorities for the workers to have holidays. When Indira Ghandi visited Parnu, which must have been before 1984 when she was assasinated,¬† a wooden elephant was put in the sea, which is still there. It also doubles as a slide. It’s almost life size and looks bizarre and so smart that it must be renewed and repainted. Here it is in the unseasonably choppy waves:


I also bought some gloves in the local Modern Art Museum. They are beautifully knitted and very fine but I haven’t taken any pictures yet.

Back at Craft Camp we had two more days of workshops. I did a day of bone work, in which I made four bone needles and a second day of knitting in which we learnt about blue and white mittens and gloves, and started a pair of them. Here’s the bone needles, of which I am very pleased. It’s an example of it being easier to learn to do something that you know nothing about as the steep learning curve is always very satisfying.



7 thoughts on “More on Estonian Craft Camp

    • Sorry, I realised I should have put something else with them. They’re about 2 – 3 inches long. The broader ones can be used for nalbiniding (see previous post ) and various types of netting and the slimmer ones could be used for sewing through open fabrics or skins, or as bodkins for threading tapes through casings.


  1. I use carbon needles. Karbonz. Knitting a pair of Sanquhar gloves at the minute. Just up to finish the first block. Very pleased. I knit the gloves on four needles using fifth to knit. Black and White.


    • Thanks for this. I haven’t tried carbon needles but I have heard good reports though. I’m glad you are enjoying knitting the Sanquhar gloves but I prefer to knit on 3 needles using the 4th to knit with.


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